So to be honest 2009 has been no where near as good as what 2008 was  but here we go

50: Dirty Projectors – Stillness is the Move (Domino)

One of many bands from the other side of the pond that really seem to have established themselves this year. A stripped back, clever little pop song with indie rock pretensions. Sadly i have absolutely no idea what there singing about but aren’t all the best songs like that. Probably not, good song none the less.

49: Florence + the Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) (Island)

God knows how many British female artists were hyped up and then just turned out to be shit i’m looking at you La Roux but you might be a band so i don’t know. So yeah sounds like Kate Bush if she’d been born 20 years later and it’s fair to say Florence has got a similar pair of lungs on her. Prizes if you get the pun. So overall just a luscious pop song with plenty of great melodies just lovely

48 Grizzly Bear – While You Wait For The Others (Warp)

I don’t think Grizzly Bear could have been hyped up anymore this year and i suppose i’m not helping by putting this in my list. But yeah there no way near as scary as a Grizzly Bear and the only thing growling on this track is the guitars backed by some great vocal harmonies so i suppose you could even go as far to say that there The Futureheads less indie and fuckloads cooler American cousins

47: Jack Penate – Tonights Today (XL)

Thank god Jack came back with something as good as this, cos to be honest his old stuff was just generic indie pop garbage. This of course is an exciting infusion of samba beats and anthemic vocals that i’m sure rung out at the festivals over the summer. Just another example of why change is a good thing.

46: Kasabian – Fire (Columbia)

By no means the best song to be taken from there awesome third album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum *breathes*. It was always going to be the lead single to be honest the kind of song that most Kasabian fans are gonna like the most. The kind of song that is gonna be sung along to by drunken fools in pubs and clubs across the land. Doesn’t stop it from being an absolute tune though

45: Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat (Atlantic)

Released on a limited EP at the start of the year Stuck on Repeat was one of a few great songs of a horribly hit and miss debut album that promised so much yet for me sadly failed to deliver for me. A perfect electro pop song fit for dance floors up and down the country sadly the version on the EP is nothing compared to the 6 minute original which is just an absolute relentless juggernaut. Heres a lovely performance of it on Jools Holland

44: The Cribs – Cheat On Me (Wichita)

JOHNNY MARR!!!!! he makes this song his own like he did with almost all of his songs with The Smiths and once again proves hes still got it only a mere 25 years after The Smiths debut album. This track also highlights a new and more intriguing sound from The Cribs after there very sharp angular indie rock from days of old. Just cos’ most of the fans are shit certainly doesn’t mean this is.

43: Art Brut – Alcoholics Unanimous (Cooking Vinyl)

I can understand if you don’t like their music but if you don’t like Eddie Argos then i don’t think you were born with a heart. Art Brut continues where they left off with the lead single from their criminally under rated third album. I suppose the only reason this song is any decent is because of Eddie Argos I don’t even think this really deserves to be in this top 50 at all. For some reason the actual video was taken off youtube (probably because of Eddie Argos) so you’ll have to do with this

42: White Lies – To Lose My Life (Fiction)

It feels like this song has been out for forever, thats probably cos it has been. Just listening to it now i hardly feel like this deserves a place in the top 50. I used to love this song now it just bores me. The lyrics are pretty bollocks as well “Let’s grow old together and die at the same time” just doesn’t do anything for me anymore

41: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Higher Than The Stars (Fortuna Pop!)

This band just grew and grew this year and deservedly so just one of three songs of theirs that have made it into my top 50. A dreamy indie pop song that contrasts well with their noisy shoegazy debut album (as this was the lead single from an EP released last month) of course there obviously elements of that within this song. Has some of the cleverest lyrics i’ve heard all year “You can’t think straight because your not straight” open to interpretation of course. The future looks very bright for there guys indeed.

i’ll do the rest at some other point some time soon

James x