So thanks for nothing googlemaps you sent us to the wrong Academy didn’t you. It was about 6:50 and we’d made sure we’d be at the venue in plenty of time and followed the directions fine. So where were all the people oh yeah at the new academy. So this lead to us stressing about where the fuck were we but thanks to some good old fashioned ingenuity we managed to get there only ten minutes late. This was only after walking straight past Harriet Campesinos! and Sparky Deathcap probaly should have stopped them and asked for a photo but oh well.

Leeds based Sky Larkin were first on the bill of this Wichita records extravaganza. To be honest Sky Larkin are just one of those bands who are just a lot better to listen to on the record which is quite as shame considering what a fun band they are. They lacked any real sort of energy apart from their drummer who looked like he was the Hulk and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d put his hand straight LC!s drum kit. ‘Beeline’ sounded good, the new song they played wasn’t particularly interesting. So overall just a bit average.

Songs that I know that they played

  • Antibodies
  • Molten
  • Fossil I
  • Beeline

I would expect nothing less than awesome from Los Campesinos! and of course they duly delivered as always. Apparently tonight was a greatest hits set which disappointingly meant only really singles but no the less they performed a blinding set epitomised by the amazing ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ which this time they did with the cover of ‘Box Elder’ by Pavement which they didn’t do when i saw them back in October. Gareth even managed to have to guts to do a bit of casual crowd-surfing during closing song ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’. What surprised be the most was how much The Cribs fans were up for it which was a nice gesture considering the nature of Cribs fans. Other highlights included ‘The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future’ and ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’

Set List:

  1. Death To Los Campesinos!
  2. Miserabilia
  3. There Are Listed Buildings
  4. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  5. My Year In Lists
  6. Box Elder/You! Me! Dancing!
  7. The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
  8. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

What did I expect Cribs fans to be like???

I think i was rather naive to have gone without expecting the majority of them to be absolute dickheads but what can you do??? not much. There is only so much of huge sweaty half-naked men and incredibly annoying crowd surfing 14 year-olds. The whole show generally felt very hostile and i don’t think I’ll want to go to another Cribs show or any other similar band ever again. So i spent three songs at the beginning going crazy and having fun. Roughly another seven songs feeling like i was about to die, getting kicked (yes kicked), punched in the face and generally just pushed and shoved in all possible directions. Then about ten songs standing at the back trying to dry myself from all the sweat with my hoodie which was wrapped around my wast and enjoying the rest of the show from a distance. So what was the actual perfromance like… Very good of what i could actually see infront of the mesh of limbs and anyone who says Johnny Marr is not what he used to be is a complete idiot. Starting off with a song which i had no idea what it was wasn’t great and then i sure i’ve suffered mild concusion cos’ i have no idea what came next. Hey Scenesters! was just great and the four of them looked like they were having a great time a band who are obviously in their element in venues like this. As the set continued the band began to loose various items of clothing but as if you’d come on wearing a coat i’m looking at you Johnny Marr. So they through they ploughed  through their set in a typically raucous fashion playing a mix of old and new. Favourites for me when i was down the front were ‘Emasculate Me’ and ‘Direction’ while i was being murdered down the front. As i moved to the back this gave me a chance to see what the band were like a lot better and they did just look awesome. Johnny Marr even did this thing where he looked like he was killing everyone with his guitar, hes got all the moves. I felt like i should be having such a fun time watching them but no it wasn’t to be. Another great moment was ‘Be Safe’ in which Lee Ranaldo of the Sonic Youth’s head appeared on a giant projected image. The band ended with fan favourite Men’s Needs and the epic City of Bugs. So overall great band. Shit fans.

Songs that I remember them playing

  • Hey Scenesters!
  • Direction
  • Mirror Kisses
  • You Were Always The One
  • Our Bovine Public
  • Men’s Needs
  • I’m A Realist
  • Be Safe
  • We Were Aborted
  • Cheat On Me
  • We Share The Same Skies
  • City of Bugs
  • Hari Kari
  • Emasculate Me
  • Save Your Secrets
  • Ignore The Ignorant
  • Nothing

Give me a nice friendly band playing in a nice friendly venue to nice friendly people any day

James x