So once again i made my way down on a cold winters evening to the sugarmill to see hopefully three great bands but this was never going to be the case was it. Troops of Mafeking are easily the worst local band i’ve ever seen and this is why

  1. Absolutely no energy
  2. Didn’t look like they gave a shit about being there at all
  3. Their image was just all wrong
  4. They sounded like Kings of Leon but maybe even more shit than them
  5. The only people who looked like they might cared about them were there parents
  6. Boring garbage lyrics

The less said about them the better

Second up were the awesome Internet Forever who sounded like the  mega-awesome bastard child of Tilly and the Wall and Times New Viking who are both awesome in their own right. Combing intelligent pop songs with lo-fi indie chique what was not to like about Internet Forever, they couldn’t have been further away from whatever the first band were called. But the best thing of all about them was that they looked like they were having fun and loved what they do. There the kind of band who don’t care about becoming massive or chart success and are just one of a number of bands that can’t be matched in terms of being personable and classic old school D.I.Y ethics. As shown by the superb tape i picked up by them for £2.50 including 12 nuggets of lo-fi gold and even a cover of ‘Walk of Life’ by Dire Straits.

Johnny Foreigner cemented themselves as one of my all time favourite bands tonight and but on a really really really good show. Started with a strange choice of an opener in the form of “Yr All Just Jealous”. As the usual when I ever go to a gig there is almost certainly some form of technical difficultly this time Alexei’s mic breaking and having to be replaced this then lead to a hilarious rendition of Happy Birthday to some random guy standing at the bar by bassist Kelly. The show really began with a sublime version of lead single from ‘Grace…’ ‘Feels Like Summer’. Other set highlights included a very tender and lovely version of ‘i’llchoosemysideandshutup, alright’ which then lead straight into a furious ‘Salt, Pepa and Spinderella’. Alexei also created some of my all time favourite onstage banter of all time “What are you chavy girls doing here? Is it because you have a long heritage of alternative rock bands starting at Pavement and ending at Los Campesinos!” this put a huge grin on face. The Birmingham three piece ended with “The Coast Was Always Clear” which didn’t really stand out for me of their second album but it’s a completely different beast when played live. This was only helped by Internet Forever coming back on stage to help before everything just went mental with both bands just throwing there instruments down on the floor and walking off stage.

Set List

  1. Yr All Just Jealous
  2. Feels Like Summer
  3. Dark Harbourzz
  4. Eyes Wide Terrified
  5. Every Cloakroom Ever
  6. Choose Yr Side And Shut Up!
  7. i’llchoosemysideandshutup, alright
  8. Salt, Pepa and Spinderalla
  9. More Heart, Less Tongue
  10. More Tongue, Less Hear
  11. Champagne Girls That I Have Known
  12. (graces)
  13. Criminals
  14. The Coast Was Always Clear

This night was just one of the reasons I love music so much and i hope bands like Johnny Foreigner last forever and of course we all learn something from nights like these. Don’t buy ladies t-shirts.

James x