The title of course not referring to the guy who recently got thrown out of a Morrissey gig in Hamburg but to everyone’s favourite striker Ben Wright. Once again on Saturday not living up to his transfer fee (what transfer fee).

Macc started off well until Lee Bell went and handled in the area for a penalty but once again Johnny Brain came to the rescue and saved a half-decent penalty from Bournemouth’s Brett Pitman. Macc didn’t look bad for most of the first half managing to get a a way a few decent efforts but you could really see why Bournemouth are top of the league and never really looked like they were having any problems with any of our attacks apart from the goal. A looping free kick taken by Lee Bell which eventually ended up on the foot of Shaun Brisley who chipped the keeper from just inside the area. The first half ended on a low as Brett Pitman found space and struck a sweetly hit volley into the bottom left corner not giving Johnny a chance to save it, lovely goal. The just as the whistle was about to be blown Ricky Sappleton got his shirt ripped open by some Bournemouth player leaving him with a massive gash down the side of his shirt

Second half started and once again it seemed like either side could have taken the point the way the game was going with both sides trying to play some sweet football in tough conditions. We had our best chance of the game when Ben Wright was found with the ball one on one with the keeper makes a short pace to John Rooney who for some reason took a second touch which gave the keeper a chance to save his shot the ball ended up at the feet of Emile Sinclair who once again could only hit it straight at the keeper. As per usual the side changed after 70 minutes our defending became  Shaun Brisley who had pretty much had a perfect game now looked lost and started giving away stupid balls. Our lacklustre defending then lead to a second goal which could have been prevented if it wasn’t for poor marking a sweet little header from Brett Pitman once again. Colin Daniel came on for an ineffectual John Rooney who was pretty much useless on the left. Daniel instantly made an impact adding a little bit of creativity to the left-wing but still wasn’t enough to salvage a point. To be honest we weren’t bad and overall it was a good team performance against a side that are probably going to get promoted come next May.

Let’s Moan

  • What was Keith thinking playing John Rooney on the left, it was never going to work
  • Ben Wright??? what does he actually do
  • Why can’t we play like a decent side for a full ninety minutes

Match Ratings

  • Brain 7
  • Tremarco 7
  • Morgan 7
  • Brisley 7
  • Reid 6
  • Bell 7 (Tipton)
  • Draper 7
  • Rooney 4 (Daniel 7)
  • Bencherif 6
  • Sinclair 5
  • Sappleton 6 (Wright 5)

Anyway back to reality today was fun had a free second, this lead to the first time of the day when i laughed so hard it hurt. Derek was playing Denies Lewis Heptathlon on the BBC website but the game kept skipping and going really fast and i don’t know why but i just couldn’t hold my giggling in. Can’t really describe why it was so funny it was just something you had to be there for. Then we looking at everyone’s most favourite racist, sexist and homophobic band… The Macc Lads. How could music become so vulgar???

I introduce my penis to hamsters, gerbils and mice
I like to read Fiesta, and peek at the reader’s wives

It doesn’t get much worse than that.

U2 headlining Glastonbury, oh well all I can hope that the other headliners are better than that

James x