So now i’ve finally finished my horrible Geography homework i can now crack on with this review

So once again get the venue stupidly early, just end up sitting in McDonalds for half an hour drinking tea but that’s certainly not a bad thing cos it was flippin freezing outside. So first band on were local act The Vanguards and once again they are just another local band that fail to impress. They looked and sounded like they were about 10 years late. More generic inoffensive garbage lyrics is there any hope for local band… evidently not by the account of this lot. They didn’t put on a bad show and they looked like they were having fun certainly not going anywhere though. Had a little giggle at the three guys dancing down the front, obviously a little pissed… didn’t take any photos they weren’t worth it.

Copy Haho are a band i’m just getting to enjoy even more. It’s not even like there trying to do anything original or new it’s just well i don’t know there’s just something about them that i just love. I think it could just be there genuineness it’s not like there trying to conform with any particular scene or anything they just like four great Scottish guys having a good time. This was evidently shown by there bassist just sort of standing in the crowd for set opener “Wrong Direction”. Played a pretty much similar set to what was played when i saw them support LC! last month. Personal highlight was set closer “Pulling Push Up’s” love that song. Bit annoyed that i didn’t decide to wear by Romance is Boring t-shirt cos the lead singer of Copy Haho was wearing one. Best quote of the night “Is anyone in Stoke stoke-d”

I’d really forgotten how much i used to love Good Shoes tonight. They came on and went into “The Photos on My Wall” it’s hard to believe that that was realised three years ago, still sounds a fresh as it ever did last night. It was mainly new songs tonight from the London four piece the highlight of the new songs was easily “Under Control” great bassline.couldn’t help but want to dance along all the way though everyone of there songs except maybe the slow songs. Which there seemed to be more of last night this could mean a more cohesive second album not that the first album isn’t because i love their debut album. The sad thing about the show was how little the crowd were up for it, it wasn’t like there wasn’t a lot of people there because there was. And bless em’ they tried to turn it up a notch by having frontman Rhys jumping into the crowd for a few songs which was great. He kept grabbing people and shouting lyrics at them i wish he’d done that to me cos’ i would have screamed them straight back at him. Other highlights included “All in My Head” and “We Are Not The Same”. They ended the show with “Morden” which was pretty goooood once again still sounding like a great fresh indie pop tune. So yeah good night. At least they didn’t walk off after one and a half songs.

err can’t remember set list but they deffientley played these songs in no particular order

  • The Photos on My Wall
  • The Way My Heart Beats
  • Morden
  • Sophia
  • All In My Head
  • Wait
  • We Are Not The Same
  • Under Control
  • Small Town Girl

and about four or five others

James x