So hear I am and i’ve finally found the time to blog and i would just like to that everyone who viewed my blog on Monday for making it the most successful day of my blog ever and just thanks if your reading this anyway

So last night i decided to get the PS2 back out for some classic Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and bloody hell is it good. I actually would rather play that than play FIFA 10. Got back on the master league with Sandbach F.C. and it’s the 2014 season first game was an D1 cup semi-final against Leece. We take a 1-0 lead in the first half only to let it slip in the last minute. So straight from the kick off we ran the ball down the pitch 2-1 game over. I hadn’t felt that good about a game in ages. Then i went on to win the Master League again

Today was a bit disappointing i decided to record a cover of Frontwards by Pavement of course one of my guitar strings broke i was trying to make it a horrible lo-fi cover and i ended up playing my guitar too hard. So now i have no idea to fix it. So then i went out to Pizza Hut (grrrr i don’t like pizza hut) because it’s my friend Adam’s birthday. It was nice to walk into Crewe by myself i haven’t done it in ages so i walked at a good pace listening to Funeral by Arcade Fire which felt good. So I got there and all i had was ice cream from the ice cream factory cos’ i’m a horrible cheap skate, i looked like a right wierdo, but i need money for gigs so it’s all worth it. Met someone new today, thats always a good thing i like meeting people. So then we go to watch “The Men Who Stared At Goats” if you love pointless comedy’s then this is the film for you. It wasn’t that i didn’t understand the humour it was just that it was predictable and stupid. And there was absolutely no plot overall it was just a completely pointless film and a waste of my money. But Adam enjoyed it so thats all that really matters considering that it is his birthday. One thing that annoy’s me thought is when my friends don’t understand me, it like i was trying to explain to them why i didn’t like it but they just don’t get it, it kind of makes me feel as if i’m being singled out for not liking something in particular but hey what can i do. So i walked home listening to Arcade Fire some more and that felt good


James x