So saturday was looking like it was gonna be one of the best gigs of forever, something that i was almost certainly going to remember if only it were to be that simple (and no i didn’t take that photo)

So Greg and I arrive at  the beautiful Echo Arena in plenty of time arriving at about 5:00 so we start to queue up  and then realise were in the wrong place so we move round to the other side of the arena. There were still pretty unsure of where to stand as the place is horribly organised. So as you do we got chattin to this one guy and a couple of scouse girls. I don’t know how this conversation started but he goes to me “Los Campesinos!, Dananananaykroyd, Johnny Foreigner i can’t stand any of them” i felt my heart just tear apart. But he was lovely guy so i wasn’t gonna have a go at him or anything. Then were told to move again so we run down these steps and i tried to recreate to pose that is used on “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side” artwork.

Doors opened at 6:00 and it was nice to get inside out of the rain. So we get in and then we get talking to these girls from Northwich and we had a great chat about loads of random stuff. And it seems like most of the people i’ve met who’ve seen Up have cried in it. So we talk for about 2 hours then me meet this great guy called steve who took pictures and told us about turbo shandy’s (vodka and carling) and moz.

Doll and the Kicks came on stage at about 8:00 and played a few songs. To be honest for an unsigned band supporting Morrissey at a 11,o00 capacity venue is pretty good going and they were obviously very grateful for that opportunity but…. There just not my cup of tea, i won’t slate them because they don’t deserve it, they put on a half decent show and Doll very much reminded me of Marina from Marina and the Diamonds. They played about seven o.k songs and the came off.

So about half an hour after the massive projector screen that had once been hanging down from the stage instantly fell down. There was this horrible screaming noise and the stage was bathed in red light for about two minutes just building up the suspense and god Moz does it well. So he comes with his typical swagger “It’s Saturday night, it’s raining, it’s Liverpool and it’s perfect” he looked happy and completely up for it. BAM straight into “This Charming Man” god it was just so right seeing that man perform that song. I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else in the world. He walked around the stage with such a presence reaching down to shake hands with the fans. He knows how to put on a show. This was then followed by me screaming “FUCK LC!” which i now take back. So “Black Cloud” such a fitting song for what happened next…

As he couched down once again to shake hands with fans. To the left all i see if this bottle of water fly straight at his forehead. The band carry on playing for about 3 seconds and he say’s “goodbye” and storms off stage with the band following behind.

Absolute uproar comes from the fans it was hard to tell who was booing moz and who was booing the guy who threw it, i was booing the guy who threw it. So then came various footballesque chants it seemed like some parts of the venue were shouting different things. It all seems like such a blur now. I was optimistic the lights hadn’t come back up the prick was then thrown out, so we chanted for him to come back on stage and booed the twat. Then out of the darkness came a crew member “Morrissey has been hit on the head with a bottle, the shows cancelled”. My first feeling was absolute shock, you just don’t think a thing like that could happen but it did. People around were crying, some people just shouting abuse at the crew. It was just crazy just trying to take in the whole situation. Why should a musical legend like that have to take that shit. This one guy comes up to us and goes “I’ve seen Morrissey for the past 20 years across the world, what do you kids know” TWAT!!!!!!! some of the obviously obsessive fans were just going mental, proper crazy.

So we saunter out of the venue just feeling completely dejected, shocked and upset. I felt like kicking people. People were even starting on each outside, drunken idiots, so we sat with the girls outside the Beatles museum for a while for a while and waited one of their dads to picked up like the gentleman which we are. And just tried to contemplate the whole situation. Some guy even asked if someone had thrown piss at him, what the fuck.

But hey i was there and i saw him play one song, fingers crossed for the refund


  1. This Charming Man
  2. Black Clo…

James x