So today saw the death of my headphones, the right ear thing has now gone and i hate it when only one headphone works. So thank you for being there on: lonely journey’s home on public transport in the middle of the night long car journey’s on sunday afternoons. The only thing keeping me from staying sane in horribly dull classrooms, cold dark winter mornings while walking around Haslington doing my paper round. So yeah they’ve been good but this leads me to ponder do i get some similar ones and sacrifice sound quality for build quality, or do i get something expensive but sounds awesome. we’ll see

So today i went to visit my nan twice first of all is because my first sociology lesson got cancelled so i had nothing to do went and had a cup of tea etc. So then i went back after school so i could get my grandad to give me a lift home because i have no change for the bus. So there i was sitting there watching Countdown and there was this on guy who was on who said that he only wanted to be on countdown so he could watch himself on TV while have a cup of tea from his countdown mug. I thought to myself “If only i was more intelligent” then maybe one day i could go on countdown and get a countdown mug. And this lead me to become rather sentimental oh the joy of sitting at my nan’s table eating sausage, mash and chips when i was a kid. I used to love just sitting there and watching it. I don’t know why i’ve become so sentimental of late, i’m guessing it was after watching Up on saturday but then again it could be the cool winter’s air. This has lead me to start listening to Lightspeed Champion and Arcade Fire etc. who i adore but they always seem to sound a lot better at this time of the year. Very excited about the new Lightspeed Champion album but it clashes with the new LC! record so i’ll have to get them both.

Another good thing that happened today was that we got tea in sociology, our other lesson didn’t get cancelled. I know it seems like i’m going on about tea but i love tea and to get it at school was an added bonus.

And who still buys Bon Jovi albums, seriously???

James x