Well after buying far too much last week i’ve now had a chance to fully go over what i’ve bought.

First of all is the new Vivian Girls album which i now undoubtedly i have played far too much because of having to write about it for my English Language coursework. So i’ve gradually grown sick of it which it is rather annoying but a decent album none the less

Secondly new Johnny Foreigner album which i’m also playing far too much, wasn’t sure about it at first but it’s grown on my loads and now i can’t stop listening to it, much more of stripped down maybe even poppier sound for their second album but still keeps tha punky edge that made them such an enjoyable band in the first place so overall pretty good. Also enjoy the more emphasis thats been put on Kelly Southern’s vocals makes a nice change to all the yelping you get from Alexei. I couldn’t choose one favourite track from it there all too good

Thirdly i was “Ringleader of the tormentors” by the wizard of Moz i think it’s a lot better than his most recent work i much prefer his more orchestral pieces on this than the sort of hard-hitting rock that features on years of refusal which is not a bad album it’s self. Some tracks are pretty poor though for example “The Father Who Must Be Killed” going back to the shit he did in the mid 90’s but then you’ve got the great seven minute epic that is “Life is A Pigsty”. So yeah a pretty good album

So anyway less about music more about meeeeeeeee (but as if you care) so monday i was thinking about writing a blog about how much a hate people because i came home from school/collage whatever you wanna’ call it in a depressive rage. But then i realised as always i just should just shut up. Remember James life is good at the moment. But yeah monday was just shit and incredibly boring, i had a free and i just sat by myself in library researching obscure New Zealand football teams because i had nothing better to do.  i always end up doing my homework at home instead of in frees.

Tuesday was better some lovely friends came to see me from Sandbach which meant mass bitching about certain people who i HATE!!! i wish i could stop being a bitch it makes me paranoid about how people think of me as a person. I mean i try to be nice to everyone but how can i know how people really feel about me. I wore my nan’s knitted bobble hat as we walked to Haslington Hall for no particular reason it kept my head warm and pissed Jack off but my hands were freezing, i want rainbow mittens hopefully that will up my level of tweeness. Then we went to the park play area and i ate to many crackers and felt sick on this thing that went round and round and round and round etc. Urgh…

So today i went to see my nan she looked a lot happier than she has done recently i thing my great-uncle ron is recovering from whatever’s wrong with him, had a cup of tea  and a chat as always. The went back to school for games i was planning on playing football but now all these chavyish people have started playing with us and i don’t like it one bit. THEY WEAR STUDS!!!!! it’s not good i don’t like the idea of coming home with a broken ankle especially when i’m seeing Moz on saturday night. So me derek, ryan and mick sort of skulked away to the sports hall to play table tennis. Once a coward always a coward, will i ever change my ways… i don’t think so. But there will be a time one day where i’m gonna have to step out of my shell and do something out of the ordinary i’m thinking 27th November but more about that when the time comes.

james x