Well half term has come to an end and i’d say it’s been a pretty good one, but that was mainly because of the awesomeness of LC! on Monday night, this is what i’ve done so i can look back on this in months/years to come and remember all the fun stuff i’ve done

Saturday: Went to watch Macclesfield vs Dagenham and Redbridge but i’ve wrote enough about that

Sunday: Decided that i didn’t want to stay in my house all day which meant i spent the day randomly going around Stoke, toys-r-us is shit what happened to all the fun toys. Spent a lot of time listening to Los Campesinos! bootlegs in the back of my mums boyfriends car. The we went bowling and i won both games yay!!! but the horrible music in the bowling alley gave me a headache. Thank god i went with them because otherwise i would have had to let my uncle and all my cousins in the house and as usual the two youngest would have probably made a fort out of all the cushions again and i would have lost any control that i may have had over them

Monday: Spent the day moping around the house waiting for LC!, visited my nan and how could i forget i completed Super Mario Galaxy got all 120 stars

Tuesday: Got in from LC! and had a dance around my room to my “There Are Listed Buildings” 7″ followed by a shower, milk and bed, then i went round Gregs listened to Morrissey’s new b-side album “Swords” and played a bit of FIFA

Wednesday: Went Manchester with Dad bought myself “Higher Than The Stars” Pains of Being Pure at Heart 7″ new Johnny Foreigner album and “Ringleader of the tormenters” by “Morrissey” got back home and saw my Gran for the first time in a while, thankfully shes looking well, then booked myself Johnny Foreigner tickets to see them at the Sugarmill in November, got home and my Vivian Girls vinyl had arrived.

Thursday: Had a kick about with mates at school, went to Mellish’s and watched too much Spongebob and Haunting in Connecticut don’t watch it please, it’s a terrible film for a horror it’s not remotely scary. Got lost on the way there it was so dark i couldn’t see where i was going

Friday: Went round Jacks had a FIFA tournament i won as Chelsea, felt quite pleased with myself. Started English Language coursework

Saturday: Went to see Up with family it made me cry twice, seriously go and watch it such a beautiful film really makes you think about what in life really matters the simple things etc. Felt quite ill had some paracetamol and felt a bit better. Finished English Language coursework

Sunday: Watched the F1 it was really boring and got on with more homework

James x