The train up to Manchester was great, someone always ends up commenting on my Let’s Wrestle t-shirt and this time it was a train conductor “Fags, you don’t smoke do you” to my reply “of course not smoking is a dirty habit”. He then continued to ramble on about various stuff about how one time one of his teachers kicked another teacher. You just don’t get guys as lovely as him anymore, didn’t mind that i was obviously too old for a childs ticket. As soon as we arrived in Manchester i instantly went on Gareth patrol looking in all the restaurant and bars down Whitworth Street and Oxford Road until we got to the venue. Of course our luck prevailed when Johnny saw him enter the veune while i was in the loo, but my chance came when we standing inside the front door area place near the cafe/restaurant place when he walked up the stairs into the venue itself.

More importantly how was the music… Sparky Deathcap reminded me very much of an English Jeffrey Lewis, combining lyrical wit, and funny cartoons in the form of a powerpoint presentation in the background. I personally felt that his acoustic songs were better than when he had LC! as his backing band. But overall he put on an enjoyable show even if he did fuck up some of his songs. He also produced one of the best moments of the night by telling some twats down the front to shut up while he was performing. That will teach him to shut up i hope in the future, i mean it doesn’t really get much ruder than thatDSC00281The guy who looked like Jarvis Cocker standing next to me looked like he enjoyed him. Next up was Glasgow based Copy Haho who were horribly plagued by technical difficulties all the was through their set, First of all the lead singer/guitarists mic stand broke, followed by the mic breaking and then the poor guy’s guitar broke. But they put on a brave face and played through. They seemed like a nice enough band, just basically indie pop but not the shit kind. So not really anything special but put on a good show and new single “Wrong Direction” sounded pretty good. Look forward to seeing them support Good Shoes next month.DSC00290Well they were always going to be amazing weren’t they my all time joint favourite band Los Campesinos! came on and played the weirdest opener ever. Playing a lovely version if “You’ll Need All Your Fingers For Crossing” with Gareth hitting his glockenspiel as if he were possessed. I won’t go on about every individual song but highlights included my all time personal favourite LC! song Death To Los Campesinos! which sounded great. Loved the intro to “This is How You Spell…” with added cowbell courtesy of Gareth. New songs such as Cribs-esque “Romance is Boring” sounded decent and the even better “A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State; or, Letters from Me to Charlotte”. But the first eleven songs just sounded like a warm up to be honest before the show really kicked up a gear when Gareth leapt into the crowd for “Knee Deep at ATP” which meant i got to ruffle his hair. This was followed by the beautiful “Who Fell Asleep In”. Then of course came “You! Me! Dancing” which once again put the crowd into raptures the irony was i can’t dance but i was dancing with this random girl through the whole song. “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future” sent shivers down my spine the lyrics “This thing hurts like hell, but what did you expect” will always mean a lot to me. The set ended with Gareth running through the whole of the crowd up to the top of the stairs to sing traditional set closer “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks” followed by crowd-surfing from Neil in front of his parents i also got to ruffle his hair.13457_163199907919_549517919_2617385_6864200_n13457_163199932919_549517919_2617389_406598_n13457_163199957919_549517919_2617392_190402_n

Well what a night, it’s hard to describe how good they were in this shitty blog. I’m so pleased they managed to combine a mix of HONY, WABWAD and RIB (ooohhh album title abbreviations) disappointed at the lack of “The International Tweexcore Underground” but I can’t have everything my own way. Ellen gave me Spark’ys set list which i now have stuck to a shelf in by bedroom i might frame it cos’ i got Kim, Gareth, Ellen, Sparky and Harriet to sign it which is more than half the band which is pretty good. Bought myself a red “Romance is Boring” t-shirt and a “There Are Listed Buildings” 7″. I walked back to the station singing “Knee Deep at ATP” and covered in sweat, lovely. Sorry the pics are all kind of shit as well

Set List:

  1. You’ll Need Those Fingers For Crossing
  2. Death To Los Campesinos!
  3. Miserabilia
  4. This Is How You Spell Ha Ha Ha We’ve Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux Romantics
  5. Romance Is Boring
  6. Ways To Make It Through The Wall
  7. A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State; or, Letters from Me to Charlotte
  8. My Year In Lists
  9. We Are All Accelerated Readers
  10. There Are Listed Buildings
  11. Knee Deep At ATP
  12. Who Fell Asleep In
  13. You! Me! Dancing!
  14. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  15. The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
  16. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

Gareth even complained about the amount of songs they played but i don’t think anyone else cared.

James x