Did anyone watch the end to BBC3’s How Not To Live Your Life last night cos’ it was flippin’ awesome. Usually i just thing that the commissioners for BBC3 just put on shows made by idiots for idiots but How Not To Live Your Life has easily been the best show I’ve watched since series two of Flight of the Conchords back in the spring. But the ending was just so lovely to this the two main characters fell in love it was just so beautiful, it just filled me up with that euphoria that love brings. But what do i know about love. It was like the Don (whose perspective the show comes from) had finally grown up after spending the whole of the second series acting like a hilarious twat. Some of the humour in the show is just superb i can’t really describe how funny it is so you should probably just watch it. “I’m gonna of your head and shit down your throat” almost pissed myself” put me into a fit of giggling.

Here it is if you’ve got the time to watch it


Before watching this though it was possibly the funniest episode of Jools Holland of all time. Basement Jaxx feat. Yoko Ono. Seriously whose idea was that collaboration, Yoko Ono was jumping around the stage like a loveable little evil pixie it was great. Yeah i know it seems like i’ve been stuck sat on the sofa a lot recently but thats because i have because Super Mario Galaxy has engrossed me again. So close to completing it now i think i’ve only got about 22 gold stars left to collect now. And i’ve successfully completed learning my third song on guitar Street Spirit by Radiohead as well as constantly annoying my sister by turning the volume up too loud and playing horrible distorted improvised shit all around the house.

Yesterday marked our families annual six month check up at the dentist which i always love. Mainly because of how wound up my sister gets, i’m not even allowed in the room when shes in there. It’s not like i’m laughing at her or anything. But anyway she comes out having a right go at him because he said he wanted to pull out, i’m sorry but hes only doing his job. This was then followed by some casual racism “He should learn to speak English properly”. I don’t know what shes talking about he can speak English fine it’s better than some migrants who come over here and can’t speak a word of English.

In other news Morrissey tickets came in the post today completely unexpectedly, this was followed by a very strong manly hug from Greg and I and a feeling of great happiness that after all this time of waiting. Unlike my Los Campesinos! tickets that came in the space of a week we’ve had to wait three long months for these. On the subject of LC! it’s only five days before i get to see them for the first time this year. I bought my pens ready for my custom made t-shirt and thank god they write on cotton otherwise i would not be happy having spent four quid on them.

So life is good for the time being, theres a lot to look forward to. Let’s hope the good times continue.

james x

P.s. does anyone out there like Vivian Girls i’m looking for someone to see them with.