So this week i thought it was time to jump on board the wave of hype that is currently surrounding this band


Girls are currently just one of a number of surf pop tinged bands tipped for success in 2010. Haling from San Francisco and having a frontman who was born in to a cult means that this is probably the sound you’d expect from Girls. Laura is a very lovely dreamy pop song about a girl called Laura (well obviously it’s in the bloody title), complete with surf pop style guitar and even a bit of organ adds to an extremely tender love song, only made better by Chris Owen’s swooning vocals and sweet lyrics and  the song even ends on a superb instrumental. All of the above adds to a great song for listening to on those cold winter mornings are now looming upon us. Takes me back to how great last summer was.

Anyway decided against seeing Tha Chapman Family on friday so thats why there no review.

james x