So today i had a study leave instead of when i was supposed to have sociology this gave me plenty of time to visit Japan… so i did. I never knew that there were so many random little islands in the middle of the pacific ocean so i went to one of them and it looked very beautiful lots of luscious green trees and what not. Then i visited Tokyo in search of mafia crime lords but i couldn’t find any sadly all that appears to be there is suburban housing but even so that is still a lot more interesting than sociology. Of course after that it was time for lunch and i had stopped exploring Japan, but what i really want to know is what the hell is in Chatwins meats and potato pies, seriously? It looks like someone had blended a cow and just put some white mush in there and it certainly tastes like that. I’m rather angry at the fact that at lunchtime’s recently there has been a lack of warm sausage roll’s cos’ usually i like to treat myself with one. But nooooooo they don’t have any do they, oh well. Great game of football this afternoon compared to my diabolical performance on Monday even scored a goal but now i have realised that i am useless with my left foot and i shall never use it ever again. And then on the bus amongst the usual shenanigans i got abuse off my year 9 fan club cos’ i was wearing a Deportivo la Corna shirt. “One club, one shirt” they shout at me. Anyway it’s been a good day, might go an continue practising Street Spirit by Radiohead on guitar in a bit

James x