Bloody hell they put the bands on late at the box it was about 9:00 before anyone started playing, but the wait was worth it to see a local band who are actually decent. Bathroom Crooners are possibly Crewe’s equivalent to Flight of the Concords with songs called “Tandoori Girl” and “What Happened to My Local Independent Record Store?” I couldn’t help but think that that song was written for me and left me in hysterics. The hilarity continued with a cover of “Who’s Got the Crack?” by The Mouldy Peaches. And to make it worse they couldn’t play many of there own songs because there drummer didn’t no any.DSC00248The second band i’d heard before, Sgt. Wolfbanger are apparently Crewes “biggest” band. Why? The music is written by idiots for idiots you could just tell by looking at the people down the front that they are obviously complete and utter retards. I don’t think it is possible for a band to sound more generic and boring. You couldn’t pay me to endure this crap again. But fair enough they put on an alright show, but it’s hard to describe how bad Sgt. Wolfbanger are, if you like generic indie garbage then this is the band for you. But what makes people actually like this shit there are so much better bands than this around at the moment if you want a good indie record go pick up the new Cribs album. I hope i never have to listen or see Sgt. Wolfbanger ever again.DSC00249The third band were Rotherham based The Heebie Jeebies who i thought were Slow Club’s backing band but then Slow Club didn’t come on stage when they started playing so i then thought otherwise. As soon as they started playing i could automatically tell they were better than that shite i had to witness before. And they also added to the hilarity of the first band with the drummer randomly shouting inbetween songs “Imagine your dad’s got a baked bean for a head” and Rebecca from Slow Club randomly screaming at them. It’s hard really to describe what they sound like but it was basically just simple indie rock, played short catchy songs with maybe a little bit of math rock thrown into the mix as well, obviously not ever gonna progress to bigger things but what they do is nice enough. DSC00252Finally coming on stage at about 11:45 were Slow Club who as expected played a lovely set starting it with b-side “Wild Blue Milk” before jumping straight into a frantic “Because We’re Dead”. Sadly throughout the set problems plagued Rebecca who couldn’t get the kick drum to work which lead to a lot of quieter songs being played such as the incredibly twee “When I Go” (which was used in Ritz cracker adverts in Canada) and the beautiful “Sorry About the Doom”. Generally a pretty good set even though it was incredibly short considering how many songs they actually have would have liked it if they’d maybe played some songs from there back catalogue but i can’t complain because they but on a really good show and ended it with “Giving Up on Love” and new single “Trophy Room” which the crowd reacted to well with plenty of dancing and what not. As the band walked of stage you could tell the crowd wanted more and they weren’t gonna let them go without having an encore. And of course they did, by playing “Christmas TV” in the crowd which lead a mass sing along which was all very lovely.


  1. Wild Blue Milk
  2. Because We’re Dead
  3. ??? (song i didn’t know)
  4. I Was Unconscious, It Was a Dream
  5. When I Go
  6. It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful
  7. Sorry About The Doom
  8. Giving Up on Love
  9. Trophy Room
  10. Christmas TV*


DSC00259DSC00257Overall a good show apart from the obvious and Rebecca from the band said i was her favourite tonight and gave me a free signed poster and i bought myself a “Trophy Room” 7″. Next up The Chapman Family at The Sugarmill next Friday, hopefully the girl of my dreams will be there again and hopefully i’ll find the confidence to actually go up and talk to her, I can only dream.

James x