Well i return home from school as normal today, once again continually frustrated by the sound of high pitched boy’s, grow some balls please. Anyway usual routine when i get from home grab some junk out of the kitchen cupboard  turn the laptop on, turn the telly on and not actually watch it. So yeah i was on my laptop and i see johnny foreigner are playing the sugarmill in November but of course that has to clash when i’m seeing White Lies so now i have a White Lies ticket for sale for Manchester Apollo on the 27th November if anyone is interested. But what ever gig i go to i know that i’ll be feeling bad. If i see White Lies i’ll be annoyed i’m not seeing Johnny Foreigner and if i see Johnny Foreigner i’ll be guilty i’m not seeing White Lies. Anyway…

This week has gone quite quick still riding the crest of a wave of happiness from Sunday which so far hasn’t broke so life is good. Commemoration day was on Wednesday this involved walking all the lower years to the church which wasn’t to bad to be honest. We got to  the church and i had a nice conversation with a few of them about what we want to do when were older. They also asked me if know anyone by the name of Jack, Ryan, Mike etc. and kept giggling when i said i knew someone by a certain name. Those kids better make the most of their years ahead of them and i could tell that they would, why should kids that age have to care about exams and stuff like that. And then i walked back with my Year 9 fan club apparently i’m the “Texas Walker Ranger” i hope that’s like being a power ranger if it is then i want to be the green one.

The weekend is looking good as well two gigs Slow Club and The Answering Machine (reviews to follow) this takes my gig tally to 3 within a week which i’d say is pretty good going. Macclesfield Town vs Lincoln City (000000hh Chris Sutton) as well on saturday this marks the return of my nan’s knitted bobble hat which i’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing this winter, i’ll probably review the game as well. And just to make things even better i’m getting a free guitar..

James x