Well what a night last night turned out to be on after the euphoria of booking glastonbury tickets me and my friends arrived at the sugarmill in high spirits. Not only because of what has happened earlier in the day but the fact that we enjoyed flapjacks and ice cream on the way to the bus stop.DSC00183

So we arrived at the venue in plenty of time even though the bus was slightly late but hey what do you expect from public transport in this country. The first band of the evening were American band Yes Giantess who were one of the two that i’d never heard before. I could tell as soon as the first strike of the key of the synthesiser that this was the kind of band that i would absolutely loathe listening to at home. But at the end of the day there generic hipster styling’s  are the kind of thing that works really well live and i certainly won’t slate their performance. But there songs all sounded exactly the same and at the end of the day there not really my cup of tea.DSC00197The second band of the night were Local Natives and were always going to win this evening battle of the moustaches as what ever the name of their guitarist who was standing in the middleish had a fucking awesome one. It’s not like the bassist in Golden Silvers had a bad moustache is just that his was just so lovely and thick… Anyway the music is what really matters and i thought Local Natives were superb i instantly fell in love. Beautiful, luscious songs combined with an evocative live set makes for a perfect formula. I’d probably describe them as having the urgency of Visiter era Dodos stuff but combining the vocal harmonies and soundscapes as Grizzly Bear, which is my no means a bad thing. They ended the set by inviting Yes Giantess on stage to perform their last song but sadly i have no idea what it’s called.DSC00215The penultimate band of the night were Marina and the Diamonds who i had previously seen at Underage Festival over the summer. And once again they were really good but i can’t help feel that there the kind of band who are going to get hyped up far too much and as soon as the album comes out it’s just gonna get absolutely ripped apart which is sad considering how good some of her songs are on there own. Two songs stood out from her set firstly “Obsessions” which is a great little pop ballad which has a verse about buying crackers in a supermarket which i love. The secondly her cover of “Space and the Woods” by Late of the Pierwhich i think is personally a hell of a lot better than the original which a great song on its own but Marina buts her own kind of style on it and makes it her own. #1 regret of the night: Saying really loudly inbetween songs “Shes got better songs than that” got a lot of dirty looks but then i usually end up saying something to someone that offends at most gigs.DSC00223The headliner’s tonight were Golden Silvers who i had also seen at Underage over the summer. That time i thought they were shit and lacked anything really interesting about then, i found both their show and there songs boring. This time it was a completely different story coming on and playing “Magic Touch” seemed like just a warm before going straight into “Shakes” which sent the audience to full on carnage and i accidentally crushed a girl (ooops). Of course i picked her up and apologised. I couldn’t really describe what made them seem so much better it seemed like they were playing the songs differently but this maybe down to the extra member adding extra depth to the band. They continued to play a great set which included recent single “True Romance” which is song i now absolutely adore. They then went on to finish the set by playing “Arrows of Eros” which provoked a lot of “Do do, dodo” or whatever that keyboard bit in the song goes like. Overall that set completely changed my outlook on them.DSC00237So at the end of the day it was a superb evening enjoyed by all, I left the merch stall with a large grin on my face after buying myself “True Romance” on 7″ signed by Gwilym from Golden Silvers and a Local Natives tour EP.

James x