So i think autumn is finally here, don’t you just love the colour of the tress all oranges and golds. Anyway today i visited Crewe in search of various things scattered across the town. First of all a trip to waterstones and no i’m not buying Hamlet for £7.99 absolute rip off, you don’t even get any notes in it. This was followed by a short trip to HMV i think i was naive to actually thing they’d have any copies of the new Vivian Girls album and of course they didn’t apparently there record label doesn’t distribute to HMV. I reckon it’s just a conspiracy to stop people from buying good music. This was then followed by a trip to the bank got some money out. So i only came back with one of the things i wanted had to resist the temptation of buying FIFA 10 i don’t want to turn into Greg. This afternoon i went to see my grandmother, she layed on a banquet of burnt sausages, mini pizzas and ice cream. yum yum yum. Then i did my piece of good will for the day by retuning her telly.

Better keep my vocal cords in shape for this evening, i expect plenty of screaming. And here a lovely song from the new Vivian Girls album: I Have No Fun by Vivian Girls

Love James x