Grrrrrrr, the bus journey home just seems to continually get me more and more annoyed. So I get on as usual turn my walkman on and oh my god here comes the hoards of screaming pre-pubescent  11 and 12 year olds. Why are they so excited they obviously have some kind of lust for life that i’ve lost while being at that school for the past 5 so years. The sound of whatever i was listening to at the time (i think i may have been Au Revoir Simone) is then drowned out my the horrible din of all these children. And then they start punching each other… what the fuck. I can’t imagine what there gonna be like when there 18, is this what society has come to. Not one of them apologises for standing on my foot, maybe i’m getting senile in my old age. Then one of them starts crying maybe i should have helped him he looked upset, but hey you can’t change the past. Better just hope that it doesn’t start some horrible psychological trauma that haunts him for the rest of his life.

Fallen Snow by Au Revoir Simone ooooooh how clevers that. it’s a quiet song thats why i was annoyed

maybe i’ll find something better to write about tomorrow

james x